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Chiropractic Services

by Dr. Zandieh

Bullet Various Soft Tissue Techniques
Bullet Acupressure Point Therapy
Bullet Acute Pain Relief
Bullet Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy
Bullet Chronic Pain Relief
Bullet Diet/Lifestyle Consultation
Bullet Electric Stimulation
Bullet Physical Therapy Modalities
Bullet Postisometric Relaxation Stretches
Bullet Rehabilitation
Bullet Ultrasound Therapy

Various Soft Tissue Techniques

I incorporate various hands-on Soft Tissue and Massage technique depending on patients needs and complaint. In addition to aiding a more effective Chiropractic Adjustments these techniques help in increasing range of motion, strength and circulation to the affected region.

These Techniques are effective in the treatment of muscle strain/sprain, rotator cuff tendinitis, thoracic outlet syndrome, Sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, and various normal daily aches and pains.

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Acupressure Point Therapy

Based on ancient Oriental medicine, pressure is placed on specific points of the body to relieve pain and tension-related imbalances.

Acupressure Point Therapy is effective in treating headaches, neck and shoulder pain, allergies, fatigue, anxiety, tension, digestive problems, tension, and back pain.

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Acute Pain Relief

Pain directly related to damaged tissue, generally lasting less than 3-6 months is known as acute pain. The longer acute pain continues without correction the more susceptible the injured tissue is to becoming chronic.

Acute pain can occur from injuries such as ankle sprains, muscle spasms and whiplash, among others.

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Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy (CMT)

Hands-on manipulation of the spinal column and neuromusculoskeletal system using precise, highly controlled hand positions and pressure to relieve subluxations, or improper spinal motion, reducing nerve interference.

CMT effectively alleviates neck, shoulder, and lower back pain, both acute and chronic.

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Chronic Pain Relief

Pain that lasts longer than 6 months and is generally less directly related to a specific injury. Back, neck and shoulder pain are most susceptible to becoming chronic. This type of pain should be addressed early as it can lead to further muscle deterioration, emotional depression and anxiety.

Arthritis, carpal tunnel, DJD, migraines and low back pain are examples of chronic pain conditions.

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Diet/Lifestyle Consultation

Each session starts with a review of your current health. As part of an overall, holistic approach to your body's optimal health, I may recommend herbs, nutrition information, or exercises.

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Electric Stimulation (Interfrencial Unit)

A devise that sends electric pulses to specific areas of the body for pain regulation, muscle spasm release, and relaxation. Electric Stimulation is effective for both acute and chronic conditions.

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Physical Therapy Modalities

Rather than medical or surgical measures, physical therapy modalities include the use of massage, heat, light, and exercise to alleviate pain. Improves the use of bones, joints, muscles and nerves.

Physical Therapy is effective in treatment of injuries affecting motor skills or function.

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Postisometric Relaxation Stretches (PIR)

A muscle energy technique in which the patient's active participation, combined with the physician's precisely controlled body positioning and counterforce produce a lengthening of the muscles. Stretching of the dysfunctional muscles may be done without strong opposition following these stretches.

Postisometric Relaxation Stretches are effective in the care of both acute and chronic pain.

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Through various exercises and techniques, your body is re-educated to function properly after an injury.

Injuries resulting in the loss of motor skills and muscular function are restored through rehabilitative therapies.

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Ultrasound Therapy

Deep heater applied through hand held unity providing pain relief and relaxing muscles spasms.

Acute and chronic pain conditions benefit from Ultrasound Therapy.

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